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“Anxious and angry relatives are a burden all doctors must bear, but having been one myself was an important part of my medical education.”
― Henry Marsh, Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery1

Accusing finger

“Doctors in India are not as effective as those abroad!” This was Jogi’s son, GG.

His casual statement stung me. 

Jogi (Dr Joginder Singh), an old friend, had worked all his life as a physician in the public sector and had joined a private hospital after superannuation.2   read more


2 Anand AC. Swami Ramdev and scientific medicine: losing is fine, but the lesson should not be lost! Natl Med J India. 2007 Sep-Oct;20(5):256-9. PMID: 18254525.

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‘…every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.’
Jaguar and an Eye-catcher

A black shining Jaguar XF always arrests my gaze as long as it is in front of my eyes. But this time, my eyes shifted focus to the man who came out of it, just as a uniformed chauffer came around to the door and opened it gently. The man looked nothing less than a movie star. Medium height, white hair combed back tidily, neatly groomed grey beard, aviator shades, dark blue striped suit, sparkling white shirt and in place of a necktie, a bolo tie of silver with a large amethyst at the centre.  read more

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“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”Voltaire (a French author, humanist, rationalist, and satirist; 1694 – 1778)

A newspaper story as trigger

On the morning of 20th Jan 2016, I was reading a newspaper story that said, “Young Jains shun good life to become monks” with a subheading “IIT-M girl leaves for Himalayas.” (See Figure below)

Something flashed in my mind – a conversation I had with AJ a few months back. And I urgently wanted to talk to him.  read more

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Often a physician is placed in a situation where his ethics is in conflict with his morality. How does he or she deal with this situation?

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Half of what a doctor knows today will be proven wrong, within a decade. Doctors rely on incomplete knowledge to make many medical decisions. When it comes to predictions about disease, patients should not expect too much of our doctors!’

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In the absence of any ethical guidelines, corporate hospitals are like unbridled horses. How to utilise them for public good during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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