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“Wander with intent
into a garden glorious.
Walk with double brisk
upon edenic paths.
Flee the cursing fear
that lights upon your eye.
Seize the twisted dream
that strangles earth and sky.”
--Craig Froman, An Owl on the Moon: A Journal from the Edge of Darkness

This is Jia

I was mesmerized by her looks. She was dressed in blue denim trousers and a simple white T-shirt which carried a message in bold blue letters, ‘It’s Always Too Early Until It’s Too Late.’ What stood out more was her boyish hairstyle, with hair dyed in fluorescent green. This was Jia, my friend SD’s daughter. read more

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"A casual consultation is just that - Casual" 
- Unknown

This blog has three stories and a couple of statements that may save your life and career.

First Story: Poonam

Major Poonam was getting late for her introduction parade and was rushing out to report in time. She was shouting instructions to her children about breakfast and catching the school bus

Poonam had passed her MBBS from Shimla about 11 years back and had married an Army officer. Later she had also joined the Army Medical Corps. Presently, her husband’s battalion was posted in a non-family field area and she lived with her children in an Army cantonment outside a second tier city. She was working at the local military hospital, which was being inspected by the GOC today. Poonam was proud to be working as MI Room (now called the Casualty) incharge and would be introduced to the GOC in the introduction parade. read more

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‘…every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.’
Jaguar and an Eye-catcher

A black shining Jaguar XF always arrests my gaze as long as it is in front of my eyes. But this time, my eyes shifted focus to the man who came out of it, just as a uniformed chauffer came around to the door and opened it gently. The man looked nothing less than a movie star. Medium height, white hair combed back tidily, neatly groomed grey beard, aviator shades, dark blue striped suit, sparkling white shirt and in place of a necktie, a bolo tie of silver with a large amethyst at the centre.  read more

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Never lived,
Merely survived.
A scripted life full of 
sighs, and sugar coated lies,
Read the epitaph
of the young old man,
Who died.

An unusual question

DS1 asked an unexpected question, “AC, which of the two sayings is more true in your opinion? The meek shall inherit the earth or Veer bhogya vasundhara?” read more


1 Names of the characters in this conversation are imaginary, though every fact stated is real


“I looked down; my clothes hung formlessly on my shrunken limbs; the hand that lay on my knee was corded and hairy. I was once more Edward Hyde.”

Robert Louis Stevenson in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

In the queue

I was standing in the queue for a RT-PCR test to be done. I looked down and gazed at the round markings drawn on the floor. Were they really one meter apart? One could easily talk to the person ahead or behind in the queue. The person ahead of me was in a wheelchair with two attendants. The person behind me was a middle aged lady busy on her mobile. read more

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"Everything good in life is either illegal, immoral, or fattening."1

Coffee has been one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the world. More recently, the ‘quarantine’ coffee, or its more fanciful name ‘the Dalgona Coffee’ has taken the world by storm. It looks stunningly beautiful and eminently instagrammable. It has a texture and taste like silky ice-cream. But I hate to shatter your dreams. It may not match up to the real thing. Yes, I am talking purely from the health perspective. read more


1  There is some question as to the origination of this quote. It has been attributed to Alexander Woollcott, W. C. Fields, Frank Rand. According to The Quote Investigator(https://quoteinvestigator.com/2013/04/09/fattening/),  the first known instance of the expression was used on Woollcott’s radio program and attributed to an individual named Frank Rand.


Often a physician is placed in a situation where his ethics is in conflict with his morality. How does he or she deal with this situation?

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Half of what a doctor knows today will be proven wrong, within a decade. Doctors rely on incomplete knowledge to make many medical decisions. When it comes to predictions about disease, patients should not expect too much of our doctors!’

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